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Sermon Outline (powerpoint slide)

1. With Faith beyond Doubt (for the Doubtful) - April 28

2. With/for the Downtrodden - May 5

3. For the Sheep without a Shepherd - May 12

4. For the Frustrated Fishers of Men - May 19

5. For the True Shepherds - May 26

6. For the Left-Behind - June 2

7. For the Called-Out - June 9: "Day of Pentecost"


 To the Ends of the Earth -

 Sermon Series during Eastertide

 During the Great 50 days, Easter-tide, the Risen Lord Jesus

 appeared to His beloved disciples and empowered them

 to bring His gospel to the ends of the earth.

 Worshipers will redefine the locality for the Great Commission

 while gathering to bear witness of God’s mighty acts in Jesus

 through the resurrection.

 The destination for the gospel of Jesus today shall include

 our beloved ones living at the ends of the earth –

 Young Adults!


 Please bring young disciples to church on Sundays during

 Easter-tide - The Great 50 Days!