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Lanham United Methodist Church

 Faith Sharing

 "Inviting Others"

 Inviting Others


 In keeping with our commitment to invite others into a loving, prayerful relationship with God,

 Lanham is becoming more intentional about reaching out others and receiving those who respond,

 relating them to God, nurturing them in faith, and sending them to serve. 


 Our Evangelism and Outreach team leads ways in developing necessary tools and welcoming habits, and have undertaken bold new initiatives to increase  the visibility of our church in the broader community and to develop a culture in which more of our members are actively reaching out and receiving others  into the church.  Reaching out others in the name of Christ is the responsibility of every Christian. 


 Lanham uses seasonal invitation card—three times a year (Lent-Easter cycle, Summer season, and Advent-Christmas cycle). 4”x6” card includes the  sermon series and seasonal events for Lanham’ friends and neighbors.


 The members can use an automobile bumper sticker with a domain name—“,” which is an alias of our website at By  wearing the bumper sticker on our vehicles, we offer an easy, fun and accidental access for some friends who are away from the love of God. Wishing for  a return of our beloved prodigals to the presence of God through a church home here at Lanham, we love to put it on our car in pleasure.  


 Invite others for worship, study and service opportunities. No greater evangelism than the words of mouth, which may be required your own ownership of  the mission and ministries of the church. As a church, the faithful disciples, "called out of many to the specific," pursue discipling and fruit-bearing mission  and ministries of Lanham. 


 Encourage your children and other family members for observance of Sundays, as Sabbath to God, which is one of the 7 ministry initiatives. Bring them  worship and Friendship Time for faithful connection. Please tell your unchurched friends about “Lunch with Pastor” - 2-hour new member’s workshop and  invite them “Coffee with Pastor,” a faith talk on Wednesdays for experiencing joy at Lanham.

Cathy Wood, Evangelism Chair | Isaac Ani, Witness Committee Chair