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Lanham United Methodist Church

To the Global Community

  • Imagine NO Malaria
  • Africa University, Zimbabwe
  • Book Project for Guyana
  • United Methodist Connectional Giving

To the Congregation

  • Fellowship Hour
  • Youth Activities
  • Mighty Lanham - Fellowship with Elders

To the Local Communities

  • Men's Shelter Meals - 2nd Sundays
  • PG Co Hospital Layette Ministry
  • CROP WALK - May
  • Change the World - May
  • School Bag Project - "Christmas in July"


 Christ invites us to a life of service after His example, living out faith  in response to the love of God.  By serving others in the community and the world, we experience God at work in our neighborhood. Because of God’s prior love, acceptance, and forgiveness of us, we are called to respond with acts of love, justice, and mercy toward others, honoring the dignity of all persons.  The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to manage the charitable donations of the church and to provide opportunities for volunteer service.

Committee Chair: Lydia Best​