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Lanham United Methodist Church

Ministry of the Word

Sermon Series

​Beginning with "Called Out": True Meaning of the Church - a sermon series of an inaugural message,

he has spoken the gospels of Jesus Christ with various messages: "Gather the Scattered" - September 2013; 

"Prepare the Way of the Lord" for Stewardship Campaign; "Journey from Afar": Advent and Christmas; 

"New Creation": Born of Water and the Spirit for New Year and Season after Epiphany; "Turn Around": 

Disciple-SHIFT during the 40 days of Lent; and "Great 50 Days with the Risen" for the message in Easter-tide.

Each season the Word was spoken to meet the congregation's spiritual need. During summer in 2014, worshipers encounter the Word that help us explore our identity: "Identity and Relevance." "Back to the Sacred" called our attention back to the joyous work of the Lord in September.  Our pulpit was abundant with the spoken Words of God throughout the end of the year:  "Great Omission" and "Journey Home for Christmas." In 2015, we would like to narrow "gaps" between 'Who We Were' and 'Who We Become.' Check out "New Wineskins for New Wine," and now "Nachfolge: Following Jesus." 

​​During the Season after Pentecost, Lanham explores our core beliefs that are sufficient for the joyous works of the Lord. Come and examine what you believe. Our goal is to find "Who 'God Says' We Are," rather than "Who 'the world fashions" we are. This practice will allow worshipers to find God's purpose in their spiritual journey. Mark your calendar on Sundays, at 11 a.m. We hope 11 a.m. be your most sacred hour, praising God, experiencing God, serving God, and sharing God!