Perfect Harmony: Reading Corinthians

Lanham United Methodist Church

Sermon Outline (Powerpoint Slides)

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 Perfect Harmony

 Sermon Series during Epiphany and the Season after Epiphany

 Worshipers will begin New Year with the renewal of the baptismal covenant as they celebrate the Baptism of the Lord on Sunday,  January 6. They will encounter Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians to equip themselves as a priestly congregation to lead others living  in pluralistic society. Please do not miss the first days of the week and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Make every effort to  gather and learn how to live in perfect harmony.

We celebrate February as Black History Month.

Each Sunday we sing Spirituals. 

Lay preaching on February 17 and 24 and Sermon in Poetry by Children and Youth! Join us.