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 Blessings on You! Be a Blessing!

 Pastor, DaeHwa Park


  If I see you on the streets or a shopping mall, I would barely recognize you.  I honor you as the precious child of God, a significant member of the  household of God - the earth!  My name is DaeHwa Park, sounds like /day-wah/, meaning "to shine great."  I am the pastor here at Lanham United Methodist  Church. You have my prayerful attention, no matter where you are as well as no matter who you are, just because you pop up this page. 

 Born and grew up in South Korea, located in East Asia, I landed in the States in the mid 90s as an international student to study American Methodism with  Biblical Emphasis. While studying American Methodism, for me, learning about Scriptural Way of Salvation, I fell in love with people like you - one who fear  the Lord.  As an ordained elder of The Baltimore-Washington Conference, over the last couple of decades, I have enjoyed the works of the Lord through the  various settings in which God's blessing prospers.  I would like you to experience God whom I have personally encountered in the life of the church. 

​ You matter to God and to us and to me. I want you to be blessed by the amazing grace of God. I want you to find it from Lanham, "a house of prayer for all  nations." (Isaiah 56:7)  Please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me if you have any question through email at Meet me and my  family from facebook. You may follow my tweeting at DaeHwaPark.