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Lanham United Methodist Church

Pledge Sunday this year is

on All Saints Sunday.

November 1.

My Giving for "Means of Grace"

Financial Stewardship

Everyone has her or his own way of giving: giving of time, talents, and treasures.  Lanham helps each member and friend joyously participate in "Means of Grace that shape our future through creating God's Kingdom in our midst.  Each October, we explore what God wants us to bring forth His amazing love through the mission and ministries of our church.  On All Saints Sunday, the first Sunday of November, we commit ourselves with several ways of giving opportunities. Herewith attached is one way you can contribute to our annual program budget, which we understand it as our own capacity to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the targeted people in our parish.  We always feel that our dream is smaller than God's.  With God's help we strongly believe that we can prosper God's Kingdom!  

Please review our annual plan and learn how your giving is used.  You can use this tool at any time as you love to join this planned giving opportunity. You can download the brochure and find a pledge card. Fill it up and bring it to church on Sunday and place it on the offering plate, if you would love to join it.  Blessings! Servant in Christ, Committee on Finance.