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on All Saints Sunday, November 4

Leaving Vital Faith and Practices

Season after Pentecost

  • October 14, "Why Do We Gather?"
  • October 21, "Why Do We Give?"
  • October 28, "Why Do We Reconcile?
  • November 4, "Why Do We Remember the Past?"
  • November 11, "Why Do We Serve?"
  • November 18, "Why Do We Give Thanks?"
  • November 25, "Why Do We Make Commitment?"


 Leaving Vital Faith and Practices

 Worshipers will gather at the foot of the cross to hear the holy word of God that shapes our life that leave vital faith. Come and  learn    about the fundamental tasks of the church. Let us gather together to build the Kingdom of God with firm faith and joyful  practices. Bring  your spouse, children, parents, and other friends to pray, learn and serve the Lord and His people. 

 During the season, the worshipers will find joy of giving of their tithe to the Lord. Please come and worship and make a joyous  commitment as faithful givers of your time, talents and treasurers. Measure your success with how much you give, rather than how  much you acquire?