This ministry is sponsored by the Unified Funding Grant ($31,896/year) of The Baltimore-Washington Conference and the annual matching fund of approximately $15,000 of Lanham United Methodist Church. This year Spanish service brings collection during its weekly worship. Gracis Senor!

Lanham United Methodist Church

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Now, a small group, called "amigos in Jesus" continues fellowship on Sundays at 1 p.m.

Come and join us!

 Hispanic and Latino Ministries

 Launching a Multi-Contextual Congregation

 Since January 2017, Lanham launched a multi-contextual congregation with a new ministry, called "The Hispanic and Latino Ministry." With the vision of  Rev. Park on a multi-contextual ministry that embraces all of lives came to fruition after three years of preliminary works, including demographic study on  the parish, sermon series and theological imperative on Lanham. A group of 7 taskforce tirelessly work for its initiation. This project started as three-year  work beginning with Awareness Phase (2017), Ownership  Phase (2018) and Fruit-bearing Phase (2019).  The members of Lahham are excited about this  strategic work that will perfect the inclusive ministries as they commit each year at their baptismal reaffirmation: "We uphold the church that Christ has

 opened  to all people, nations, and races!"

 Under the supervision of the Rev. Rebecca Iannicelli - District Superintendent of 

 The Washington-East District, Lanham started this ministry as the first church in the 

 District. Lanham is now the 8th congregation with the Hispanic and Latino ministry of 626

 local churches of the Baltimore-Washington Conference. With the consultation of

 Emma Escobar, Conference Director of Hispanic and Latino Ministry, Lanham

 works on "Ownership Phase. Due to the discontinuation of funding, Council 

 decides to explore a different venue.