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Stewardship Pledge Brochure

Please explore how to participate through giving

Means of Grace that Shape Our Future

 Giving through Lanham


 Stewardship is a glad response to God for all we have received—the joyful giving of our selves, our time, our gifts, our talents, and our service.  Scripture  tells us that our offerings to God should be the first portion we set aside, not the last—a priority, not an afterthought. We give to the church because the  church is God’s vessel through Christ to redeem the world.  Stewardship also includes giving beyond the church for that, too, makes a difference in the  world. The ministry of our children, youth, and adult is very important, but it is not cheap.  Your dollars keep the church’s door open and make it possible  for people of all ages to learn and practice the Christian faith.


 Committing Your Gifts

 To make giving an intentional and deliberate priority, it is helpful to consider your financial commitment to the church as a portion of your income.  The tithe  (10%) is the Bible’s norm for giving, however, some of us need to start with a smaller percentage, or some of us already offers a certain portion of income  for the mission and ministry for church.  There are two primary ways to give financial gifts. One is by making a pledge to the church. Through an annual  campaign, we may ask members and friends to give a percentage of their income for the ongoing life of the church. The other is through the giving of gifts  beyond our lifetime. We have several resources available for those who wish to give lifetime or testamentary gifts to the church.

 Committing Your Time and Talents

 Christian discipleship is a deliberate decision.  This decision is lived out through intentional involvement in the defining disciplines of the Christian  community—worship, study, service, faith sharing. Saint James challenges us to use the unique gifts and talents God has given us in service to others, so  that the world might know; through our example, the love of God make known to us in Jesus Christ.

 Financial Stewardship Campaign begins in October. The members and regular attendees are guided for faithful stewardship by the Committee on  Finance.  Congregation has pledge Sundays in November, prior to budget process before the Council in December