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Sermon Outline (Powerpoiint Slides)

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  • Part 1. Tested in the Wilderness - First Sun. in Lent, March 10
    • ​First Sunday in Lent
  • Part 2. Be Merciful as Your Father Is Merciful - March 17
  • Part 3. Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed - March 24
  • Part 4. True Experts in the Law - March 31
  • Part 5. Banquet with the Lost - April 7
  • Part 6. Jesus' Entry to Jerusalem as King - April 14
    • Passion/Palm Sunday
  • Part 7. Victorious Joy of the Galilean Apostles - April 21
    • ​Easter Cantata

 Galilean Journey of the Cross

  Sermon Series during Lent

 For Jews and Christians throughout the ages, the Galileans are known as the outcast, literally meaning,  people thrown out the tough world. Jesus Christ, born in Judea, lived among the Galileans in Nazareth. He  began His Kingdom ministry with the Galileans – twelve disciples, women and the crowds. The worshipers  will encounter this gathering of the faithful disciples – a primitive church community formed by the gospel  of Jesus Christ. Bring your family and friends each Sunday for our new and continuous journey for God’s  Kingdom in our present time.

Fourth Sunday is "Bring A Friend Sunday."