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Lanham United Methodist Church

 Holy Sacraments & Ecclesial Acts

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 Sacraments: Baptism & Holy Communion

 We believe there are two sacraments, ordained by Christ as symbols and pledges of God’s love for us—Baptism and Communion.


 Baptism. Entrance into the church is acknowledged in Baptism and may include persons of all ages. Baptism is followed by nurture and the awareness of  the baptized of Christ’s claim upon their lives.  For persons baptized as children, this claim is ratified by the baptized in confirmation, where the pledges of  Baptism are accepted. 

 ​Communion. We believe that Lord’s Supper is a memorial of the suffering and death of Christ, and a symbol of the union Christians have with Christ and  with one another.  All persons, regardless of age and regardless of church affiliation, are invited to the table of our Lord. 


 Ecclesial Acts: Baptism, Wedding, Funeral

 Baptisms. Pastor Park will counsel with the person seeking to be baptized or with the parents of a child to be baptized . Baptisms are performed during the  11:00 a.m. worship service on Sunday mornings. Pew may be reserved for extended family during the service. 

 Weddings. Persons who are interested in having a wedding at Lanham and would like to have the pastor from the church officiate must arrange for a pre-  marital conference with the minister before reserving a date and making any further arrangements.  Pastor Park offer 5-session of pre-marriage conference. 

 Funerals.  In order to schedule a funeral at Lanham, it is necessary to contact the pastor in advance or immediately after death to make arrangements.    The minister will help plan and schedule the service and will also be the point of contact with a funeral home.  If available, a room in the church can be used  for a reception after the service. However, catering is not provided and must be arranged privately.