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Lanham United Methodist Church


Becoming Disciples through Bilingual Bible Study

Lanham offers annually 34-week DISCIPLE study on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m.  

70 minute weekly study with Marks of Discipleship help you to explore your spiritual gifts and

God's calling of faithful Christians for His Kingdom and Righteousness.  

Set aside a study hour and allow yourself to follow the Holy Word of God from the bible

shape rationale for your own joyous work of the Lord in the life of the church.  

                             You may want to download course overview. Check it out!

Those who would like to read the entire bible, esp. for those who would like to equip themselves for the works of the Lord, no other program is greater than Disciple. Give 30 minute daily reading. Encounter the key lesson of each book in the bible. Explore the spiritual gifts you have received from God through Disciple study.  Call church office for any further information.  And ... here are some companions for Disciple study.