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Lanham United Methodist Church

Rev. DaeHwa Park, Lead Pastor

Cell: (202) 277-8553


Twitter: @daehwa.park


 Coffee with Pastor

 Faith Talk

 Every Thursday at 11 a.m. Lanham offers a fresh cup of coffee for anyone who would like to hang out with Pastor Park.  Meet the Pastor Park for Faith  Talk.  Faith Talk covers social concerns and issues that draw our attentions.  During the session, the gathering may review "FaithLink," a weekly newsletter  of The United Methodist Church with a specific social issue.  'Coffee with Pastor" is not merely a table talk meeting, but a way to learn from one another  through faith conversations.  While drinking a cup of coffee, especially from Equal Exchange, you will help farmers of coffee farm in South America.  

Sample Lesson: Sharing Faith (Week of March 17, 2019)

 "Coffee with Pastor" also offers an unique opportunity for laity to encounter clergy between Sundays for counseling as well as "Q&A" in the mission and  ministries of Lanham. Through "Coffee with Pastor" you may deepen your faith, experience God's love as a member of the household of God, find the  biblical and theological positions of the people called, Methodists, greet with Pastor Park, and help our neighbors in global community.  "Coffee with Pastor"  hopes to create Lanham as "The Third Place," many contemporary Christians stay in the middle of the First Place as their home and the Second Place as  their work.