Lanham United Methodist Church

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Meet Our Sunday School Faculty

Superintendent: LaVerne Owens | Registrars: Ann Ross & Marilyn Smith | Nurture Committee Chair: Kili Moses Nagbe

 Lanham Young Disciples

 Children's Programs

 As Jesus Christ honored the presence of children in His earthly ministry, Lanham honors the presence of our children in the act of worship. On Sundays,  children gather for Sunday school and join children's message during 11 a.m. service. There are four Sunday school classes by ages. Confirmation is  offered for teenagers. Throughout the year, children participate in Sunday worship as acolytes, liturgists, or ushers. Under the leadership of Sunday School  Superintendent and Nurture Committee Chair, Youth Council plans and execute special activities. From 2014, all children have joined "Jubilee" Market  Place, a rewarding discipleship program, through which these young disciples apply what they have learned from Sunday school at their home and  schools.