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Lanham United Methodist Church

 At the Verge of 2030

 Sermon Series during Advent and Christmas Season 

 Worshipers begin Christ’s Time for the Church, a Christian liturgical calendar with new sermon series: At the verge of 2030. From the  pulpit the great news of Emmanuel, God-with-us to call and equip the faithful laborers of His vineyard will be spoken.  Make every  effort to gather around “God in the manger.” During the season of Advent, while waiting for the Prince of peace, make every effort to  prepare to save a soul  - the most precious gift to Jesus is born in the heart of the lowly. Make every effort to give things away to those  who may seek “a room” in the inn of your own abundant blessings.

Beginning with Advent, we declare the liturgical year of 2019 as "the year of generosity!"  

The faithful disciples of Jesus Christ - as learners of the gospel, not the teachers of the law, gathered at Lanham 

dedicate ourselves as open our door, our hearts and minds to all.

Sermon Outline: At the Verge of 2030