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Lanham United Methodist Church

Our Vision

Our vision is to make people blessed with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Belief

We believe in truine God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit - blessing, forgiving, loving, redeeming, and sanctifying all of lives.

Our Mission

Centered in Christ, we pray, learn and serve.

Changing the World one life at a time!

Our Value

We gather to praise God, experience God, serve God and Share God.

Lanham United Methodist Church

Rev. DaeHwa Park, Pastor​

Washington East District, District Superintendent, Rev. Rebecca Iannicelli

Baltimore-Washington Conference, Bishop Rev. LaTrelle Eastering

​Denominational Forebears of The United Methodist Church

The Methodist Church, 1939-1968

The Methodist Episcopal Church, 1784-1939 | The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1845-1939 | The Methodist Protestant Church, 1830-1939

The Associated Methodist Churches, 1828-1830

The Evangelical United Brethren Church, 1946-1968

The Church of the United Brethren in Christ, 1800-1946 | The Evangelical Church, 1922-1946

The United Evangelical Church, 1892-1922 | The Evangelical Association, 1816-1922

The So-Called Albright People, 1809-1816

The Newly-Formed Methodist Conference, 1807-1809​