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Lanham United Methodist Church

 Assimilation - Discipleship Journey at Lanham

 Eight Assimilation Tracks


 Lanham recommends the members to take an assimilation tracks for leadership development and

 fruit-bearing ministry, beginning with Lunch with Pastor, a 2 hour-New Member Class,

 Four-Week Spiritual Journey at Lanham, and further leadership training options.  

 There are several tracks people can take a course for leadership development and

 its placement for the joyous work of the Lord.  Worshipers can begin its track with Disciple study,

 a pre-requisite study, which will be offered annually, beginning in September. 

  • Worship and Devotion Track
  • Sunday School Teacher Track
  • Small Group Leader Track
  • Lay Leadership Track
  • Service and Outreach Track
  • Prayer and Care and Pastoral Visitation Track
  • Witnessing and Evangelism Track
  • Practical Divinity Track