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Lanham United Methodist Church

 Seven Ministry Initiatives: ​Strategic Ministry Principles

 1. Sunday Morning - Genesis 2:3

 Lanham celebrates Sunday  morning as  a  Sabbath to the Lord and keeps it holy as a day of new beginning.  We would like to begin the first day of the  week with the celebration of “Means of Grace” that shapes our future!


 2. Assimilation - Deuteronomy 6:3-12; Matthew 28:19-20

 We help one another understand that God wants us to bless the children of God of all ages, genders and races through the Church that Jesus Christ has  opened. We welcome all seekers to our spiritual journey - A Journey from Afar. Come and see what we do to the glory of God. Learn as disciples,  "learners."


 3. Intergenerational - Exodus 3:15

 Beginning with heritage, we would like to continue to honor the unique context of each generation. Our worship, study, service and sharing include all  generations and the generations to come. Join us and create a new tradition!  We seek out to be CCO, Chief Cultural Officers, not simply to be CEO.


 4. Technology - Acts 28:31

 Lanham would like to take advantage of the advanced technology to bring the Gospel of Christ for all, to enhance faithful connections of the members  and  friends of  the church, and to bring forth God’s Kingdom in our midst.  We never stop working for cutting edged technology to offer the gospel of  Jesus!


 5. Third Place - Numbers 35:6; Isaiah 56:7; John 14:1-2

 Lanham is a third place, like a city of refuge, built and consecrated by God for the people of God.  It is a place like an oasis with living water. It is a house  of prayer for all God’s people. Everyone is welcome. The 3rd place is a concept of the church, as we under stand our family home as the 1st place and our  work environment as the second. Why don't you join us - a holy gathering, setting you apart from the secular that leads you to a joyous path to perfection?


 6. Glocal (Global and Local) - Luke 3:38; John 3:16

 Outreach from Lanham is not limited to a particular location.  Charity begins at home. At the same  time we value the mission and ministry to the ends of  the earth.(Acts 1:8)  "World as our parish," as John Wesley, beginner of Methodist Movement, ousted," we would like to see God's blessings around the  globe.


 7. Accommodation - Isaiah 55:1; Galatians 3:26-29; Ephesians 5:1

 Lanham welcomes all people just as they are. Everyone is welcome in the name of Jesus Christ—Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the  World.  With radical hospitality we would like to be more like Christ, who healed the sick, ate with the sinners and sought out  the lost. Lanham seeks out a multi-c  contextual congregation!